LuminosityLink was launched in April 2015 and since has received hundreds of updates and improvements. Thousands of people now use LuminosityLink to survey, secure, and administrate computers in business, educational and personal settings.
"I would 100% recommend this program. There are so many options to choose from and with the new RDP it is amazing! I can't believe this is only 39.99."
“Great product, tested the client in one of my computers and works great. Pretty easy to setup. Support is also amazing, most sellers here ignore you after the purchase, not this one. Highly recommended.”
“Awesome RAT, incredibly stable. I have been able to retain a couple hundred connections simultaneously. There are some features I've yet to really take advantage of but the ones I have used are working flawlessly. I've used many different RATs over the years paid and otherwise, this is definitely a top notch product. I can only hope that there is continued support!”
“I love this too much. It's just perfect for everything I use it for. It's never crashed for me yet. I had one issue where I messed up the firewall and support was able to help me within 5 minutes. So huge shout out for this tool and keep up the work bud.”
“Lovely software to help monitor pesky employees :)”
Business Owner
“Bought LuminosityLink today and works like a charm, the eBook is perfect for beginners. Port Forwarding was a Breeze.”
“Bought LuminosityLink 1 week ago, been using it and testing it. Everything looks fine and I love the UI Design.”
“Luminosity support provides excellent customer services on top of their superb program. I advise everyone to purchase Luminosity Link as i have been using it for years now.”
IT department