Smart Keylogger Guide

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Smart Keylogger is a surveillance feature in LuminosityLink. It logs all keystrokes and active windows, and allows you to monitor specific applications and webpages separately. The Keylogger is capable of recording things such as (but not limited to): Social media websites, adult websites, instant messaging services, and more. It is an excellent feature for surveillance of children and employees.

Using the Smart Keylogger

The Keylogger is automatically activated once Luminosity is installed onto your client PC. To access the Keylogger logs, simply go to Machine List, right click your client, and go to Saved Data –> Keylogger Logs. Here you will find the Keylogger viewer (pictured above), which allows you to navigate between keylogs with ease. Simply click on a date to the left, and the logs for that day will appear to the right.

To record specific applications and websites separately, navigate to Downloads –> SmartLogger tab, right click and hit “Add Item”. From here, you can specify the Window Title to record, and the Alias. The alias is what the log is saved as, for your reference. The window title is not case sensitive. For example: If you wish to log all activity on facebook separately, and have these logs uploaded to you, type in “facebook” within the Window Title to record. Luminosity will handle the rest.

Automatically Upload Keylogs

If you’d like to Automatically upload a users keylogs – so you may view them at anytime – simply navigate to Downloads –> SmartLogger. From here, right click and select “Add Item”. In the Window Title, put in “[“, and specify what you want the logs to be saved as under Alias. For example:

After clicking “Add SmartLogger Term”, Keylogger logs will be automatically uploaded when a client connects. You may also download the logs on a timed interval, by enabling the setting “Download Latest SmartLogs every X Minutes” in Settings –> General. To view saved keylogs, navigate to Saved Data tab, and click the “Keylogs” at the top.

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