Reverse SOCKS 5 Proxy Tutorial

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The SOCKS 5 feature in LuminosityLink is a network administration feature that allows for complete administration of the clients network. The feature is very easy to setup and use, and offers a wide variety of administration options.

To begin using the SOCKS 5 feature, navigate to the Networking tab on the left. Ensure SOCKS 5 is selected at the top. From here, right click and select “Start SOCKS Servers”. (You may also individually start the SOCKS proxy on clients through the Machine List, under Networking.) Please note that it may take a minute for your client(s) to connect.

Using the SOCKS 5 Proxy

Once you have a client connected under the SOCKS 5 tab, you are ready to begin. The IP:PORT is the SOCKS 5 Proxy. For example: In the above screenshot, the SOCKS 5 Proxy is “”

You may now use this proxy in any application that supports SOCKS 5 Proxy. For this tutorial, I will be using Firefox.

In firefox, you can find the SOCKS Host option by going to Options –> Advanced –> Network –> Settings. From here, select “Manual proxy configuration”. Under the SOCKS Host, put “”. Under “Port”, put the port that is specified in LuminosityLink for your client. In my example it is “13379”. Select “SOCKS v5” in Firefox and click okay. You are finished!

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