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LuminosityLink QuickConnect allows you to easily connect machines you wish to monitor and control. QuickConnect is by far the easiest way to connect computers you wish to monitor and control to your LuminosityLink Workstation.

Using LuminosityLink QuickConnect is simple:

  1. Navigate to Settings –> QuickConnect in LuminosityLink Workstation. Input your connection settings and Copy the Quick Connect Code.
  2. Download the LuminosityLink QuickConnect Application below on a Windows-based computer you wish to monitor
  3. Input the Quick Connect Code (from LuminosityLink Workstation) into LuminosityLink QuickConnect. You may do this by simply copying the code to your clipboard.
  4. Specify the settings you want in LuminosityLink QuickConnect (pictured below) such as client installation.
  5. Click ‘Connect’ within LuminosityLink QuickConnect. QuickConnect will connect to LuminosityLink Workstation, allowing you to easily manage and monitor this computer.

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Archive Password is ‘Luminosity’

How it works: 

There are two major components to LuminosityLink:

  • LuminosityLink Workstation – The main application, where you may monitor and administrate your clients
  • Clients – Computers connected to Workstation that you may monitor and administrate

The QuickConnect Application allows you to easily connect clients to your workstation, and includes features such as startup and customization of features. Within LuminosityLink Workstation, under Settings –> QuickConnect tab you may generate a Quick Connect Code. This code contains connection details that tells the client computer how to connect to your Workstation. When you click “Copy Quick Connect Code” in LuminosityLink Workstation, Luminosity automatically tests your connection settings in order to ensure they are valid. From there, you simply download the QuickConnect application on this page on the client PC, and paste in the Quick Connect Code. Simply click ‘Connect’, and the PC will connect as a client in your workstation.

Download Now
Archive Password is ‘Luminosity’


If you have any questions, feel free to email or submit a support ticket.

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    • January 19, 2017

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