Privacy Policy

Information we collect

From our website

a. E-Mail
b. Payment Information:
-Rocketr records email address, checkout IP Address, and buyer information you specify
-PayPal and Credit/Debit Card Users: Billing information (such as address) is stored securely. Your credit/debit card details are not stored.
c. LiteSpeed webserver logs; temporary, for debugging

From our Software and Licensing

a. Email Address
b. Username
c. Hash of password (secured in database)
d. A SHA256 hash that identifies your computer, for hardware identification purposes. CPU, GPU and RAM. Does not include information that can identify you.
e. Apache webserver logs; temporary, for debugging

f. IP Address

In the Client Binary

a. SHA1 hash of serial key (for authenticating client/server)
b. Serial Key in plaintext, alongside abuse email (to prevent abuse of software)
c. General settings in client binary (Host to connect to, port, startup settings, misc. settings)

Information Use

a. E-Mail address is used to identify you as the owner of the license. Very rarely, notifications or promotions may be sent.
b. Username and password are used to sign into the software. Passwords are stored hashed.
c. Hardware Identification is used for the sign in process to prevent sharing of accounts. Include CPU, GPU and RAM. Does not include personal details of any kind.
d. Payment information is used for ensuring payments are not fraudulent. Please note that this does NOT apply to Bitcoin and Perfect Money users.
e. Licensing information in client binary is used to prevent abuse of software

f. IP Address to track users and prevent abuse

Your privacy is our priority. LuminosityLink Workstation only communicates with our licensing server in order to authenticate user credentials, check for updates, and download essential files.

For questions or comments, please email