LuminosityLink 1.5.5 – New Features and Changes

  • December 15, 2016
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LuminosityLink 1.5.5 has been officially released. To download the latest version of LuminosityLink, simply open the application — the latest version will automatically download. You may also download the latest version manually at

Here’s whats new in version 1.5.5:

Screenlogger is a new feature added in 1.5.5. Screenlogger works by taking screenshots of the client on a timed interval (specified in Settings –> General.) You can easily view Screenshots by right clicking a client within Machine List, going to Saved Data, and then Screenlogger. To use Screenlogger, you must update your client(s) to 1.5.5.

RDP Manager Update
While this was originally added in 1.5.4, it was improved in 1.5.5 as many bugs were fixed. Please note that to use these new features, you must update your client(s) to 1.5.5. Afterwards, you must open RDP Manager and reinstall the RDP Manager on the Advanced tab.

New Features in RDP Manager:
-You may now have multiple sessions under the same user account. For example: You can login to an existing account that is already logged in, without kicking the user off. Picture
-You may now login to an account that does not have a password through Remote Desktop.
-The Accounts tab in RDP Manager now has the option to remove the password on user accounts.

New Keyboard Shortcuts
On Machine List, you may select a client and use the following:
-Remote Desktop: CTRL + D
-Remote Webcam: CTRL + W
-RDP Manager: CTRL + R
-Client Manager: CTRL + C
-Keylogger: CTRL + K
-Screenlogger: CTRL + S

Within the Screenlogger, you may use the following shortcuts:
-Up/Down/Left/Right Keys: Navigate between items
-Enter: Expand/Collapse Items
-Delete key: Deletes the selected Screenshot, or clears the screenshots for the selected day
-CTRL + S: Saves the current screenshot
-In addition to CTRL + S, you can double click the screenshot itself to save it.

Additional New Features:
-Elevate Permissions can now be added as an On-Join command within the On-Join Tab.
-You may now automatically download SmartLogs on a timed interval, adjusted in Settings –> General.

Keylogger View now shows time stamps:

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